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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Maia is Sick

Havent update this blog for quite a long time . This time Maia has a upset stomach :[

Look into her eyes . She is so moody ~

She wanna go out .

Because of him . The forbidden love :(
Sorry ~ 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My Lovely Zara !

That is Lucky and Zara is kissing him . How lovely !


Last with a photo of Maia ! Cutie ~ Credits to Veeiean  :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zara - 3 months

Time flies ! I still remember little chubby Zara sleep on the sofa , how cute is that !?! He is hugging Patrick ! I miss the times when he was small and younger . 

3 Months ++

Poor thing have to stay outside :(

Awwww , don't moody ~

How cute . I wish time could stop and he will remain the cutest petite size ever !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stray Don't Sleep

He is not Zara or Maia , He is a stray dog that found by my dad . He saw him quite pity and took him back because he is tremendously skinny . We took him back and feed him with nutritious dog food . Even though he looks like stray dog , but still look like Labrador . Hahahah a little bit perhaps ? We name him Brownie . He only stays for 1 week and gave to my dad's friend . My lovely neighbor even bought him 2 dog canned food for him . How lovely :]

They are actually communicating . Hehe !

Good looking-nyee ~


This is another stray puppy adopted by my mom . 
He suffered from walking disabilities due to a car accident . Poor thing :(
He was sent away to my dad's friend too . Don't worry , its a lovely family 

Besides , my mom also help another stray dog to assist in giving birth . She even cooked special soup for the pregnant dog. Its heart breaking to hear the dog cried when she is delivering the puppies . 
Some pictures of the puppies , aren't they cute ??

So FAT ! Thanks to my mom nutritious soup !

Don't you worry , all of''em had sent to other lovely family


Do show some love to stray dogs , no matter what kind of breed they are . Don't be discriminate that they are dirty or what . Even though they are , but spending a few ringgits would change their life . Don't let the stray dogs starve to death

I would really wanted to go SPCA and be a volunteer at the animal shelter. Anyone wanna join me ? 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who is Zara

He is my favorite among others . I do love him a lots . He is my daddy's baby . My dad never scold him even though i bite off everything at our car porch , even our sofa . Bubbly personality makes me love him even more . He is a gift from my daddy's friend .

Zara's mama ~
Say hello to the world !
This isn't Zara , his brother :(
Unfortunately he didnt survived , poor thing . RIP

We feel sad for him . He never had the chance to enjoy being a puppy / dog . 

We were so sorry to heard the news at night . 

The mama is terrified . 

Zara was born in the midnight . Luckily he did survive.

After a few weeks later , 

This angel is sent to our house . 

With loves !

Cutest thing ever ever !

He sleeps in the toilet every night with lots of space where he can walk around . Because he doesnt want to sleep in the cage.

His toy , Patrick

Who is Maia ?

Maia is our very first toy poodle . She is truly black and black . Hahaha we are not racist , so we don't mind at all ( just kidding ) I eventually found out black toy poodle is really cute even though i like golden brown colour much more . She is the princess of our house . She is SPOILT !!

  Tiny little butt hole .

And so these are her photos . Isnt she adorable ? but only when keep quiet because she is really naughty ! Now she is 1 years old + , still the same old her . Black and naughty ~